I was messing around in the starter zones again last night, taking some screenshots for a project I’ve got in the works. Well, all I can say is that trying to frame a good screenshot while playing has never been one of my strengths. Or maybe I’m just too picky about the quality of my shots, coming from a photography background. Usually, if I don’t have the time to frame a shot just right, I just end up turning off the UI and spamming the button. A few frames per second and I’m bound to get something usable.

Going through the shots afterwards, something caught my eye. I realized that for three years I have been staring at something, and have never once really seen it, let alone puzzled it out.

The targeting circle; now, someone, somewhere must have already figured out what this says. But I couldn’t find it (I don’t know the technical term for that circle) so I decided to quickly puzzle it out. Using this handy chart for Cirth runes, I came up with:

DH E • HW U N • TH A T • I S • CH O S E N 

“The One That Is Chosen”. Very clever! Turbine really took Tolkien’s love of detail, and philosophy that the world is created by the language, to heart.

Edit: almost immediately after posting this, I found this forum post from 2009 where someone had indeed figured it out. One, this is why I love LotRO’s community – you have some truly dedicated and die-hard fans of Tolkien (like me, only…moreso). And two, this kind of detail is why I love LotRO and Turbine. They can create an amazing, fun game, and please many of those Tolkien fans at the same time. It says a lot about Turbine’s effort at preserving Tolkien’s legacy (as much as they can, of course).


4 responses to “Curious…

  1. My mind has just been blown. Nice detective work.

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  4. Odobald Oddburrow (Laurelin)

    Ha! Brilliant – in every respect.

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