Returning to an Old Friend

If you are at all interested in Black Prophesy, you should check out this article over on MMO Reviews. It includes some nice video of Black Prophesy in action.

One of my very first “true” MMO experiences, back in the misty, bygone era of 2002, was Neocron. This was the first MMO over which I obsessed, following any information I could find until release. I pre-ordered it, and was there on launch day. By “there”, I mean watching progress bars slowly fill (or not fill, as was the case just as often) and eventually joining others in a slideshow of what the game was supposed to look like. It was, to be nice, a bit of a lag-filled mess. This was back in the day when truly horrendous launches were not only permissable, but expected. However, once they got some issues ironed out, the experience was far better. It wasn’t the best game, but at the time, Reakktor really seemed to be trying to push some of the MMO boundaries – it was a Cyberpunk/Science Fiction setting (almost unheard of at the time), it had some First Person Shooter mechanics, and it was very “adult” themed (there was even a Red District in the game, strippers and all).

I have fond memories of the game, though I did not play it for very long, and got no where near “end game”, if there even was one. I’m still not sure. It was essentially my gateway into MMOs. I had dabbled in Anarchy Online and Dark Age of Camelot, but neither had managed to really “hook” me.

Neocron hooked me. It was Neocron that prompted me to look for another MMO when I decided to leave, instead of retreating back to single-player titles. The game captured my imagination, and immersed me unlike almost any other game before, or since. The feeling of wonder I had playing Neocron is essentially what I wish for with every new game, though I know I can never go back; like Home, you can never go back.

I was excited when I heard Reakktor was working on a new game, and thrilled when I started to see real information begin to trickly out on Black Prophesy. I was ecstatic to see that it was going to be a flight sim game, and after seeing the videos on MMO Review, I’m even more so. As a proposed Free To Play title, checking it out seems like a no-brainer; if it plays like X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter and looks as good as the video, I could see spending a good amount despite the fact.

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