Momentum really is the word for it. Funny how easy momentum is to lose, and so hard to regain. But, then again, there really hasn’t been much about which I can get excited, and I’ve always been a proponent of saying nothing instead of filling empty space. I suppose that philosophy probably doesn’t jive well with blogging, however. Better to say something, best to say something controversial.

It’s amazing how quickly one loses track of time; one moment it’s been two days since posting, the next it’s been nearly two weeks. Not that I haven’t been busy, mind you. Between several tight deadlines at work, sickness tearing through everyone in the house (including my mother-in-law, who watches the two younguns), and a trip to Philadelphia to see family, it’s been crazy. I barely noticed a lack of time for writing or playing.

Now that things are starting to quiet down again, I’m trying hard to get back into good habits.

And, like nearly every other PC gamer, most of the little time I do have is spent with Starcraft 2. I can draw two solid conclusions from that game; one, it’s a definite improvement overall no matter what the naysayers are spewing, and two, I’m terrible at multi-tasking/fast-tasking/Real Time Strategy games. Other than that, I’m sure you can find any number of more qualified and detailed opinions.

I haven’t completely neglected my online life, however. I continue to work my way through Mirkwood, with some overall very positive experiences. Audaghaim in particular is ranking among my favorite areas so far, with the exploration of the ruined village and  “investigation” of exactly what drove the inhabitants off the deep end, and hence into the restlessness of undeath, as a particular bright spot. That mini-arc/line of side-quests ranks among my favorites so far. And Mirkwood as a whole continues to astound me with its dark beauty; maybe it’s completely personal, but the ambiance of the entire zone is by far the most appealing and immersive of any of LotRO’s areas to date. Even more than Evendim (I tend to prefer northern climates and wooded mountains, rivers, and lakes).

But overall, I really find myself in that summer slump; Keen touched on this in a recent post that sums up my feelings very well, though my list of “anticipated titles” which I plan to play (and write about, perhaps) differs somewhat from his:

Star Wars: The Old Republic
Guild Wars 2
Rift: Planes of Telara
The Secret World
Black Prophesy/Jumpgate Evolution
LEGO Universe

And those are just the ones that supposedly release soon enough for the hype cycle to be in full force. I’ll probably also end up checking out a few others, such as TERA, The Agency, and the Torchlight MMO, though I have my doubts as to whether they can hold my attention. All while continuing with LotRO, of course. I suppose I should be grateful for the slump; I’m certainly going to be recalling it fondly come 2011.


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