It’s a Trap!

Please....HELP Me....

Oh. Oh…My…WORD.

It just keeps getting better. The latest cinematic trailer is so good, it hurts. I actually ran into a coworker’s office and had him watch it.

If this game is even half as good as the cinematics, I’m doomed. I’m trying hard not to let the jaded gamer flare up, but I just know we’re in for something here – hopefully we’ll all be pleasantly surprised by BioWare. But I can’t help thinking that they’re setting themselves, and us, up on an unreachable pedestal.

Still, I’ll take these cinematics over Episodes I, II, and III (well, maybe not the last one), anyday.

Either way, I’m with GeeCee:

“This game is going to completely destroy my life.”


6 responses to “It’s a Trap!

  1. Heh heh, I once said in my blog how in just a little under 4 minutes, the Deceived trailer single-handedly manages to be better than Star Wars: Episodes I, II, and III put together. I still believe that. This new trailer was awesome too, but it was just a tad too flashy and over the top for my taste. Despite that, the first trailer still had more wow moments for me…but this one did a better job at story telling and had more emotionally charged moments, eg. the raw courage of that trooper, that delicious howl of rage from Malgus etc 😀

    • If I had to say which one I like better, I’d go with Deceived. There was just nothing better in any Star Wars media I’ve seen than the carrier crashing through the temple, the back opening, and then seeing those dozen red lightsabers go off. Wow.

      Though if I had to pick which one gets me more excited for the game, I’d definitely go with Hope. Though I lean towards the Empire classes (Imperial Agent….ohhhhh yeah), seeing the trooper in action kicking his way through the Sith, and the Republic Jedi weave through, well, pretty much everyone was purely electrifying (no pun intended). Was it just me, or was the way she slipped under the blade of that one Sith just sick? Like I said, I was so excited, I *had* to go find someone to share with. So much for trying to avoid more info about this game…

      It was worth it though. I think I’m gonna go watch both of them again. 😀

    • Oh, and I have to say – pulling a knife on a Sith who’s drowning you in Force lightning officially makes the Trooper the most badass class in the game.

      That, and setting off a thermal detonator right in Malgus’ face…


    • I liked how she kicked that one Sith as she was leaping towards Malgus…like BAM, boot to the face! And yes, that one Trooper has got major balls…he also appears to be invincible 😛

  2. I think one purpose of this trailer was to show off the Republic Trooper class. People have been worried that everyone will want to play Jedi’s or Sith Masters and that they will be overpowered compared to other classes. While this would likely be true if Star Wars was real, it would make for problems if everyone was running around playing Jedi’s and no other classes. So, they had to make all the classes balanced to the point that, yes, a Republic trooper can take out a Sith Master and Vice Versa. Oh, and I actually liked the Hope trailer better, though deceived was excellent as well. They really should consider making a full feature length movie like this. Though I’m sure it would be expensive, I bet it would do well enough to justify the expense.

    • This is one of the things I think really works for BioWare – by setting it in the Old Republic, the number of Force users is greater, justifying the number of players who will choose to play a Jedi/Sith while at the same time avoiding the powergamer-only versions in the original SWG and the “cheap” version of the Jedi from the NGE.

      I agree – one of the main points of this trailer was to show that the other classes can take on the Force classes. I’ve always been more interested in the non-Force classes, but it’s nice to see I’m not handicapping myself.

      I think one of the problems the game may experiemce is the influx of players who love Star Wars but aren’t familiar with the Old Republic, and only know the uber version of Jedi/Sith from the movies, who were nearly unstoppable for normal soldiers. The Hope cinematic did a great job of showing off what else is possible, and that Force users aren’t invincible.

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