Well…um…Free To Play. Really?

Boy, did Mordor or Bust call it.

I’m still processing, and trying to read up on what’s going to happen. But in all honesty, considering my positive experience with DDO’s model recently, I’m fairly calm about the whole thing. Not optimistic, not yet. But calm.

Then again, I didn’t pay hundreds of dollars before DDO launched. As a Founder and Lifetime Subscriber, I have shelled out a serious amount of money for LotRO. Not that I feel I haven’t received my money’s worth in entertainment.

But moving forward, I still have concerns. Small ones. Really, it comes down to how the cash shop works, and the types of items made available there. But, as Sapience stated on the official forums, very little changes for me as a player.

It will be nice to see an influx of new players. And if it gets me that much closer to Mordor, I’m behind their decision.


One response to “Well…um…Free To Play. Really?

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