Daily Archives: May 24, 2010

That’s What I’m Talking About!

An update to the last post about creating drama, and memorable experiences. I finally got around to finishing out some of the Epic Quests, specifically Volume 2 Book 7 and the beginning of Book 8.

In terms of creating an experience I won’t soon forget, this is pretty close to what I had in mind! For Burglars in particular, this is an ideal part of the story arc.

*SPOILER’S AHEAD* (not the picture…)

Tracking down the “secret road” and following it into Mazog’s camp, only to sneak through for a stealth hit at the big orc. A last minute save by the “cavalry” (Broin and his elvish buddies), alliances by Elves and Dwarves after countless years of hostility, and the redemption of a key NPC. Then to use a flashback instance to explore the escape! Just…WOW! These quests had it all.

If I had one complaint, and as a gamer I must, it would be the relatively low population of Mazog’s camp, and his paltry personal bodyguard. I would have liked to see more here. I know it’s a solo quest, and it’s meant to be a stealth mission (hence my absolute love for this particular chunk of content!), but once Mazog is reached I would think he would have more bodyguards. Turbine already implemented a “God Mode” mechanic for Epic Quests to allow players to run them solo – why not turn it on here? It would have added something extra-special to an already fabulous experience!

Anyway, Not the hands-down best storytelling I’ve experienced in Lord of the Rings Online, but it definitely ranks near the top. Funny that I would come across this, after procrastinating on the Epic Quests for so long, immediately after complaining about missed opportunities for drama, and player interactions. Nice job, Turbine!